The bullshit has to stop!

The Bullshit has to Stop

This is an answer to this article

There are a few things you should know before I start with the actual answer. First of all, in Bulgaria there is almost no left-wing hardcore scene. A couple of street punk bands with one or two shows at most per year and a poor attempt for an “apolitical crust band” (?!) summarizes it all at the moment. There are no autonomous buildings or venues that concerts are being held at. Having said that I think it’s more than clear in what kind of sterile political environment some enthusiasts are organizing concerts.

Secondly, the Nazis are many in numbers and cause (or are ready to cause) a lot of trouble here because there is no strong and consolidated AFA movement. So it is very convenient for some people to be Nazi-friendly. Also, Bulgaria being an “ex-communist” country is the reason for a lot of anti-communist propaganda to be spat out everywhere even though it’s been 25 years now since the regime’s gone. I guess most of the people love to live in the past because they hate the present. “Future” is a word that a few people pay attention to.

Thirdly, one of the few poor souls that organize events had booked a Wolf Down show in Sofia, Bulgaria in the summer of 2012. They should’ve played with Demonwomb but at their arrival to the venue they noticed a few easy identifiable Nazis (through shirts & tattoos) hanging around unbothered. They refused to play and here is their statement cited in the most visited Bulgarian hardcore website (in English) after the show. The website containing the post is owned by a promoter of hardcore shows (mostly apolitical) who wasn’t present but has heard praises that one of the Nazis “had the balls” to express his views openly on the microphone and the bands didn’t. Noone from the “praisers” acknowledges the fact that 9 people out of 80 unfriendly and apolitical hardcore kids were ready to protect their “preacher” and hundreds more аre just waiting for a phone call to appear and cause mayhem. No action against the nazis was taken so the bands left without playing. It’s not ironic it’s just sad and pathetic.

This is the plain background in which this article is written two years after the canceled show. I will not argue whether or not using a communist symbol is something good or bad. I just want to condemn the killing of innocent people everywhere no matter what the regime is calling itself. Yes, the Bulgarian regime called itself a communist one and it used this kind of symbolic. Was it justified or the right thing to do so? You should answer this question yourselves. I will not argue whether or not this symbol is used by Anarchist Communists all around the world because one quick web research will tell you that the answer is YES. Two simple symbols – “Hammer and sickle” and the beloved “A”. Sometimes they are used together side by side sometimes they are combined as one. It is the ideology behind it that is important. It’s not strict communism, it’s not individualist anarchism. Something the authors of the up mentioned article should have considered and if they sympathize with the movement: should have respected.

The parallel to the Bulgarian Communists terrorizing the Anarchists (or as mentioned the Bulgarian Anarchist Communists and Anti-Fascists) is inconsistent for two main reasons. The first one being that Wolf Down are clearly referring to Anarchist Communists worldwide, not to the Bulgarian Communist Party (which was clearly Bolshevik) and the second reason is…How the fuck anybody outside of Bulgaria should know these great details about this small country?! And furthermore, what do they have to do with the worldwide Anarchist Communists and their current ideas?! I know this sounds stupid to a lot of people but believe me when I say that these things (and obviously many more) should be clarified in order for some productive conversations to happen.

Yes, the symbol of the hammer and sickle is and was misused by a lot of totalitarian regimes and so was the swastika. I know that sometimes you can be “open-minded” and respect bands (or religions) that have been using the swastika in a different context and you see “nothing bad” whether it’s just shock value or a Hindu reference. I think you chose to attack Wolf Down just because it is safe and convenient. Given the fact that they are not liked by some hardcore kids worldwide and at the same time they (just as every other AFA or left-wing band) are not liked by the Bulgarian Nazis.

The ANTISECT logo which resembles also some communist graphics.

The symbol of the “Hammer and Sickle” is also used by many anti-authoritarian communities in the radical left worldwide because it represents unity between the agricultural and the industrial workers. Unity is supposed to be the keyword here. And my personal opinion is that your article disrupts the unity. I believe we have other fights to take and they are not the fights between people with small differences in the opinions. These differences are within an area in which conflicts could be easily avoided through some small discussions.

CCCP Fedeli Alla Linea is maybe another punk band with „incorrect“ logo. Or perhaps not?

Just for the record Wolf Down are hardly my favorite band. They don’t even play a style of hardcore I adore. I don’t follow up every scandal that’s related to them. I am just happy that they are doing something for the scene and it’s not counter-productive. This article is provoked by the non-stop confronting inside the scene which is expected to stand as one community and talk out the differences and not constantly fight and mindlessly attack like the enemy does. Please consider a dialogue with the band next time otherwise you are doing the Nazis a favor while you are using their rhetoric.

Crustnik K.


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4 Responses to The bullshit has to stop!

  1. Georgе Chelebiev каза:

    How is something hardly relevant to the original article an answer to it? And also, when giving background info about people, why do you skip yourself? Not proud of your nazi friends?

  2. Crustnik K. каза:

    Thank you for proving my point.

  3. свидетел каза:

    Мога да си представя проблемите и депресията на анти-фатата по света, щом 2 години след дадената случка, сама по себе си незначителна и смехотворна, се надъхвате тука по некви блогове, представям си какви комплекси ви измъчват, та чак да заставате на страната на някви мишки, дето дори и не ги видяхме ( 😀 ), безродници скапани. Много хубаво си изразявате позицията, но позиция не се изразява в интернет, момичета… Що не си застанете с истинските имена и не започнете да говорите наживо. Няма какво повече да говорим – жалко, че ги нямате топките да ги водим наживо тия разговори.

    • безродник каза:

      Национализмът, както виждаме от примера по-горе ни учи да се гордеем за неща, които не сме извършили и да мразим хора, които не сме виждали. Свидетелю, с хубаво име са те кръстили, личи си дълбоката ти прабългарска жилка. Искам да ти кажа, че тези които са неспособни да водят разговори на живо сте вие. Може би това е резултат от ненавременното лекуване на разни проблеми и депресия, от които ти явно разбираш. Но аз не ви съдя, аз ви приемам и такива в обществото… скоро ще има по-успешни методи, които да ви помагат да се интегрирате.

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